Type 1 data opt-out

Type 1 Data Opt-Out - General Practice Data for Planning and Research Data Collection (GPDfPR)

Please note that the practice has been legally required by the Secretary of State to allow the extraction by NHS Digital and the data is extracted centrally by NHS Digital.

As well as using your information to support the delivery of care to you, your data may be used by NHS Digital to help improve the way health and social care is delivered to patients and service users throughout England. From the 1st September 2021, NHS Digital will securely extract your information to provide access to patient data to the NHS and other organisations who need to use it, to improve health and social care for everyone. 

Type 1 Opt-Out prevents information being shared outside a GP practice for purposes other than direct care. 

A Type 1 Opt-Out should prevent identifiable information about a patient being extracted from their GP Record and uploaded to any other organisation for purposes other than their direct care.

If you do not want your identifiable data to be shared outside of the GP Practice for purposes except for their own care you can register an opt-out with the Practice. You can download a PDF version of the form here or you can download a Microsoft Word version here.

To prevent this first extraction on 1st September 2021, patients are advised to pass in/post the form to the GP practice by 15th August 2021 to allow time for processing as their Opt-Out will need to be recorded on the practice system by 15th August.

**Not to be confused with National Data Opt-Out (Type 2 Opt-Out)**

This should not be confused with National Data Opt-Out (previously known as Type 2 Opt-Out) which is information from all NHS Organisations, for e.g. hospitals and local authorities. If you want to Opt-Out of this you can opt-out online, by post and phone. Details for this can be found here

For more information please visit here or here